Important Points to Take Care of Your Car.

Important Points to Take Care of Your Car.

We should pay more attention to our own cars. However, not a few of us ignore car maintenance for various reasons such as no time, conditions are still good, and so forth. Of course, this is not very justified because, in essence, the damage to the car is a result of a lack of awareness about the care by the car owner itself. There are several things that must be considered in the care of your car. If some of this routine you do when checking and maintenance, then your car can avoid damage. The following points should be noted, namely:

1. Regular oil change

The thing that really needs to be considered is the condition of the oil in the car. Oli has a relatively fast usage age compared to others. This is due to the heavy oil function as a lubricant and car engine protector. The heavier the field is taken, the faster the oil must be replaced.

2. Routinely check tires

The role of tires on the car makes it always in direct contact with the road surface. Of course, this makes the tire worthy of regular attention. The more often the car is used, the greater the wear rate on the tire, and it must be quickly replaced. In addition, care in the form of spooring and balancing and tire rotation must be a mandatory routine.

3. Routine checking.

Routine checks are checks carried out on a scheduled basis, for example, once a month. While periodic checks are checks carried out when the car has reached a certain kilometer, for example, a multiple of 10,000, 20,000, 30,000, and so on. Regular service will make your machine always healthy and in top performance

4. Car battery

Electricity in the car must always be normal so there is no short circuit in the car. If your car uses a wet battery, always check the water level of the battery. If it has been reduced from the normal limit, immediately add it. If your battery is a dry battery, always check the cleanliness of the battery and routinely carry out the battery charge.

5. Car cleanliness

Wash your car once a week to prevent rust and mold that can damage your car. Don’t forget to always maintain the cleanliness of the car cabin. A clean car cabin prevents us from bacteria that can interfere with health.

Those are some things that must be considered in order to care for your car. Other parts that need to be considered are oil filters, timing belts, car legs, suspensions, and many other parts.