The Best Selling Cars in the World Throughout History.

The Best Selling Cars in the World Throughout History.

Along with the development of the times, cars became the main requirement for most people in the world. Likewise, the world’s automotive manufacturers continue to create the latest types of cars along with increasingly sophisticated car features. Here are some types of cars bearing the best-selling car title of all time in the world, as follows:

1. Toyota Corolla

This car began to be marketed around 1966. Only in a short time, namely 8 years, Toyota Corolla was able to shift the popularity of the VW toad car which was the flagship car at that time. Recorded in mid-2013, Toyota Corolla managed to record their sales of 40 million units.

2. Ford F Series

This American-made car named Ford has many types, but the most popular is the Ford F series which is the best-selling car of all time. Until entering this year Ford vehicles have entered their 13th generation, of course, this number is very difficult for other car manufacturers to match. Of the most best-selling and popular models around the world are Ford F 150, F 150 nite, Eddie Bauer, Special Camper, and many more.

3. Volkswagen Golf

Some products from VW are very popular in the world. One of the most preferred types of VW cars is the VW GOLF model. This model was first launched in 1974 with a variety of model variants. In some countries, VW golf cars have other designations such as VW rabbit, VW Cabrio, and Caribe.

4. Volkswagen Beetle

The Volkswagen Beetle is a very popular car since 1945. This car has sold more than 21.5 million units until 2003. Often known as a bug, the Beetle car carries history and is one of the most successful models produced by the Volkswagen factory. Although critics initially predicted a total failure for the Beetle because of its strange styling, weak engine, roughness, and high noise levels compared to modern vehicles, the car was the best selling car in history for category one design.

5. Ford Escort

The Ford Escort was made in 1967 as a family car. Until the end of 1968, the car had scored as one of the best cars in the United States and Britain. Escort then made a number of revisions to improve appearance, performance, and comfort. When Ford Escort was reintroduced in 1981, the factory called it the World Car. Escort continues to make a series of improvements until it slowly begins to disappear from the attention of consumers. In 2003, manufacturing was finally stopped.