Unique Facts About Cars.

Unique Facts About Cars.

For certain circles, the car becomes a symbol of success and social status. In addition, the car is also able to reflect the personality of the owner, just like how the clothes or accessories we wear reflect our personality. But no matter how we love our cars, we tend to use them without fully understanding the unique and interesting facts about cars. Do we know the uniqueness of having a car and other unique facts of the car? Here are some unique facts about cars that we must know:

1. Cool the Hot Car without complicated

We can cool a hot car because it is dried in the sun in a simple way. Simply lower the car window on one side. Then close the door on the other side 5 to 6 times. Later the hot air will be pushed out and new, cooler and fresher air will enter.

2. White cars are rarely an accident

Based on existing data, white painted cars have a 10 percent lower chance of having an accident compared to other colored cars.

3. Making Cars Inspired by Horses

The car dashboard comes from the concept of the cover of the horse carriage’s steering wheel made of pieces of wood. This aims to avoid the driver from splashing mud.

4. All features have a period of use.

The remote car will lose its function after being pressed more than 256 times. The unique facts of the car are very reasonable because each object basically has its own capacity to use, after many uses.

5. World’s Most Expensive Ticketing Fines

$1,000,000 is the amount of the ticket penalty for speeding that has been issued. The fine is given to a Swedish man who drives 180 miles per hour or about 290 km per hour. In Sweden, the amount of fines for driving at high speeds is based on one’s income.

6. Car-Puccino

A car-Buccino is a car assembled with cappuccino as fuel. This car was made as an experiment to create a renewable energy source. This car system converts coffee that has been ground into a combustible gas. It takes 56 espressos to travel 1 mile or 1.6 km with this car dubbed ‘car-Puccini’.

7. Cars with functions like a house

Honda’s CR V has been assembled complete with a picnic table. The first and second generation of Honda SUVs is sold complete with a standard picnic table that can be folded. The first generation CR V actually has simple bathroom equipment also on the back. In addition to the ease of having a picnic with family, this feature is truly unique in having a car too.